New: VPE140-15
This sealing kit prevents unnecessary splashing of the VLX75, while dismantling an injector using the M40 Vibropac
New: VPE140-50
With this HTL injector rotate system, it is possible to put a maximum torsion on a injector, for M9R bosch piezo injectors
New: M030120
This sealplate milling set is specially designed, to remove blocked seal plate's


Vibropac is the tool specialist in removing frozen injectors and glow plugs of the Common Rail Diesel.

The Vibropac tools are characterized by applying the correct frequency vibration, combined with a moving pulling force. This patented and award-winning system guarantees a success rate of 99.9 percent!

Company profile

Vibropac B.V. is a company that specializes in developing and producing special removal tool for the automotive industry. The tool is especially suitable for the removal of glow plugs and injectors by means of vibration.

Because there are many tools being developed and tested to be in practice, it is possible that we have a puller or a solution for your problem. Therefore, if you have a problem when removing a glow plug or injector, feel free to contact us.